Digital Sampling

Liquid to Lips Like Never Before

Everyone knows the importance of product sampling for beverage alcohol brands, but sampling tactics haven’t changed fast enough to keep up with the new digital world.

Until now….


Understand your Customer

Gather feedback and insights from consumers with the benefit of a full demographic profile for every single sample delivered. Segment by age, region, household income, category or even preferred demand space. The choice is yours, but our sampling specialists can help you put together an effective campaign.

Right Product, Right Consumer

Bullseye Targeting

Define your sampling audience with precision instead of wishing and praying that you reach the right consumers at the right time. 

Audience Analytics

Understand exactly how your sampling audience receives your product by analyzing post sampling surveys and segmentations in real time.

Invited, Not Intruding

With BevTri, customers are inviting brands into their home, and get to interact with your product conveniently  and comfortably.


Follow-up with your sampling audience via contesting and offers after your sample is delivered, staying top of mind for their next store visit.

More Than A Sample

With BevTri, you’re not just getting an effective, highly targeted liquid to lips program. You’re also getting a powerful market research tool. Customize a detailed post sample survey that recipients complete after receiving and try their sample kit. See it for yourself in action below:

We Take Care of Everything

We do all the heavy lifting. Just pick your sampling audience and we will send out your offers, confirm addresses, kitting, age verification and delivery.  All completed by our friendly and reliable in-house brand ambassadors.

Want to include takeaways, swag, mix or anything else in your package? We can help with that too. Just ask your sampling specialist. 


Let’s Get Started

Our Sampling Audience is Waiting (and thirsty)